Friday, August 11, 2017

A KOSHER Mezuzah scroll is unbelievable protection. Invest in some for your own protection TODAY.

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER

“And you shall write them on the doorposts of your home and gateways; so that your days are lengthened.” The Tur (Rabbi Jacob ben Asher, Cologne, 1270 – Toledo, Spain c. 1340), writes clearly, “Mezuzot (the Kosher scroll inside the cover, written by hand on parchment) bring protection to one’s home”, and the Bach (Rabbi Joel ben Samuel Sirkis, 1561 to 1640), writes “The mezuzah - brings a benefit and delight from the mitzvah itself, in addition to the reward (from G-d for observing one of his commandments) etc.”

In all mitzvois (commandments of the Torah) if a person does it strictly for the reward he is not doing it for the right reason. In the case of Mezuzah, the protection isn’t the reward, it is what comes along automatically, with the doing of this mitzvah. G-d commanded us to place Mezuzot, specifically for the sake of its protection…

That is why even when a mezuzah is not up on a doorpost in the place that would fulfill the necessary requirements to fulfill the Mitzvah, the scroll of the mezuzah in itself, brings protection.

Rabbi YY Schneerson always had a Mezuzah on his desk. Rabbi MM Schneerson - the Lubavitcher Rebbe recommended many times for people to do the same, and to place one in an appropriate covering next to a bed where people where having bad dreams.

Maimonides writes: “Those who write names of Angels etc. inside a Mezuzah are included in those who have no share in the world to come, because, they have taken a great Mitzvah and turned it into an amulet and charm for their own personal purposes.”

The foolishness of these people by adding inside the Mezuzah additional names of Angels is that it would appear from their actions the scroll isn’t enough or complete and is being manipulated from being a commandment to serve G-d and with the help of G-d, to the input of their own vanities, solely to serve their own purposes.

The Tosfos Yom Tov (Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller, 1578–1654) notes on the laws in the Mishna regarding impurity, “a stick that had a carving (receptacle) to receive a mezuzah inside of it”, and he says, “in the times of the Mishna people would carry Mezuzot with them (in their walking sticks) and they considered it a G-dly Holy act and a protection for themselves.”

This understanding, that the scroll and energy of the (mitzvah of) Mezuzah itself brings protection with it, sheds light on a story that took place with Rabbi YY Schneerson 1927, when he was brutalized and imprisoned in communist Russia for teaching Judaism. During the interrogation he was asked, if he realized where he was? Rabbi YY Schneerson answered. “Certainly. I am in place that is exempt from having a Mezuzah”. By mentioning and attaching the Mezuzah to those quarters albeit in a negative form, that alone, brought the protection of the Mezuzah for himself where he needed it badly.

Maimonides writes: “A person must show great care in [the observance of the mitzvah of] mezuzah, because it is an obligation which is constantly incumbent upon everyone.

[Through its observance,] whenever a person enters or leaves [the house], he will encounter the unity of the name of the Holy One, blessed be He, and remember his love for Him. Thus, he will awake from his sleep and his obsession with the vanities of time, and recognize that there is nothing which lasts for eternity except the knowledge of the Creator of the world. This will motivate him to regain full awareness and follow the paths of the upright.

Whoever wears tefillin on his head and arm, wears tzitzit on his garment, and has a mezuzah on his entrance, can be assured that he will not sin, because he has many who will remind him. These are the angels, who will prevent him from sinning, as [Psalms 34:8] states: "The angel of God camps around those who fear Him and protects them.

Blessed be G-d who offers assistance.”

In these Hebrew words, Maimonides is emphasizing the uniqueness and exclusivity of the Mezuzah that unlike even Tefillin and Tzitzit, the actual scroll itself is a collaborator and assists in accomplishing the necessary results that this Mitzvah brings to the person who observes it.

I have personally many many stories from Rabbi MM Schneerson how Mezuzot saved people from car accidents, death, being able to have children etc. A KOSHER mezuzah scroll is unbelievable protection. Invest in some for your own protection TODAY.

“G-d will guard you going out and coming in from now and until forever.”

Friday, August 4, 2017

Prayer is a two-way bridge that connects and perfects our souls.

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER Power.

….Moses prayed “at that time” to G-d, 505 prayers, for this clemency, (he was punished not to enter the Land of Israel) to allow him to cross over the Jordan River, complete the conquest of the land, and see the good land of Israel, in consideration of his many good deeds. He also solicited G-d’s absolute, undeserved mercy, feeling that his merits were not sufficient to warrant his prayer being accepted. “I both prayed to G-d and entreated Him at that time, saying,

 ‘G-d, I know that You are merciful even when meting out justice, for when the people sinned by making the Golden Calf, You took the initiative to show me, Your servant, Your magnanimity; that Your right hand, which metes out loving-kindness, is stronger than Your left hand, which metes out strict justice, and can overcome it; and that it is our prayers that make Your mercy override Your justice. That is why I am praying to You now and requesting mercy. For who is like You, G-d, in heaven or on earth, who can match Your deeds and Your might? Mortal kings have advisors who convince him not to be lenient or merciful, but You can do whatever You please.’

The words, Moses prayed “at that time” is not being precise. When exactly? That’s because, at whatever time a person feels the need to pray and attach him/herself to G-d, we learn from Moses, and emulate his example, even if it takes praying 505 prayers, no one would know better than Moses that prayer is the most powerful tool to turn to, “at that time”.

The Preacher of Koznitz once said. “I have no better enjoyment in this world than a good prayer.”

In Hebrew, the literal translation of the word for prayer actually means bonding and attachment. Therefore, the real objective in praying is not so much turning to the best source for answers and a relief from whatever the issue might be at that time, as much as it is a strengthening and renewal of one’s bond and attachment with G-d Almighty Himself. When the bond is tight and clear, the problems on their own disintegrate.

During prayer especially when done in a synagogue the soul of a person can divest itself from any of the physical limitations of the body, it ascends to the Garden of Eden and strolls around the elevated and higher dimensions. After ones prayers when one must proceed with the obligations of the day, the physical world will once again place its influence and clutches on the soul.

Rabbi Shneur Zalman taught. “Prayer before G-d has (the potential for) a total and complete spiritual and soul redemption from the constraints in one’s life. If all of Israel would pray with the concentration necessary, and the warmth and light generated from the love for G-d created through the exercise of prayer did not dissipate and evaporate after ones prayers – Messiah would have come, in a physical sense.”

At the beginning of the book of Genesis, prayer is compared to a ladder, set on the ground with its top reaching into the heavens. Prayer is the medium to connect “ground”, that part of the soul enclothed in our bodies and on earth, with “heaven” the other more important higher part of our souls, the part much larger than being able to descend into our lowly bodies and existence. Prayer is a two-way bridge that connects and perfects our souls.

When a person puts him/herself into the words of the prayer as designed by the great mystical traditions, not only is the coarseness and physicality of the earth elevated and refined to a more translucent and purer form, the perspective of the heavens and the experience of G-dliness is drawn back down to the earthly level the person is praying from.

When a person prays with the complete concentration necessary, every letter and every word, every thought and every spark of energy generated from the prayers, creates angels that serve as messengers who reach G-d. These exact messengers return, with the fruits of our directed prayers.

When Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812, founder of Chabad Chassidism) neared his twentieth year, he decided -- with the consent of his wife, Rebbetzin Sterna -- to travel to a center of Torah learning and service of G‑d.

At that time Vilna and Mezeritch were the great Jewish capitals of Eastern Europe. Vilna was the seat of Rabbi Eliyahu, the famed Gaon of Vilna, and Mezeritch was the hometown of Rabbi DovBer (the "Maggid"), leader of the Chassidic movement.

Related Rabbi Schneur Zalman: "I debated as to where I should go. I knew that in Vilna one was taught how to study, and in Mezeritch one could learn how to pray. To study I was somewhat able, but of prayer I knew very little. So I went to Mezeritch.

"The Almighty blessed me with making the right choice.”

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Torah has all the science in it! Einsteins loss. Nice story 2.

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER.

This is just an article and not the first chapter of a book so I will be short and to the point. I have mentioned many times before, everything science discovers is no more, than principles already in place by G-d The Creator of this universe, and reflected in the blueprint G-d Himself referred to, when creating this world. Everything in this world, has its roots and principles already expressed in the wisdom, and rules, of our Torah, and the practices, of our Tzadikim – Spiritual giants.

Quantum entanglement is an area of extremely active research by the physics community, and its effects have been demonstrated experimentally with photons, neutrinos, electrons, molecules the size of buckyballs, and even small diamonds. Research is also focused on the utilization of entanglement effects in communication and computation.

Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be – and here is a key word - spatially separated.

This leads to correlations between observable physical properties of the systems.

For example, it is possible to prepare two particles in a single quantum state such that when one is observed to be spin-up, the other one will always be observed to be spin-down and vice versa, this despite the fact that it is impossible to predict, according to quantum mechanics, which set of measurements will be observed.

As a result, measurements performed on one system seem to be -- instantaneously -- influencing other systems entangled with it.

At the same time, it prompts some of the more philosophically oriented discussions concerning quantum theory.

The correlations predicted by quantum mechanics, and observed in experiment; reject the principle of local realism, which is that information about the state of a system should only be mediated by interactions in its immediate surroundings.

Different views of what is actually occurring in the process of quantum entanglement can be related to different interpretations of quantum mechanics.

In the case of entangled particles, such a measurement will be on the entangled system as a whole. It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair "knows" what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by arbitrarily large distances.

Einstein referred to it as "spooky action at a distance”, that’s because he wasn’t a Torah observant Jew!

This has been shown to occur even when the measurements are performed more quickly than light could travel between the sites of measurement. Recent experiments have measured entangled particles within less than one hundredth of a percent of the travel time of light between them.

Although, a person must either lift or drag an object to acquire it into his/her possession, Maimonides writes the following; (Mechirah - Chapter Five Halacha 4)

….. Movable property can be acquired without meshichah (dragging) in the following situation. Reuven sold movable property to Shimon for 50 zuz. Shimon acquired the movable property and obligated himself to pay Reuven the price agreed upon. After Shimon became obligated to Reuven for these 50 zuz, he desired to sell wine, an animal, a servant or other similar movable property. Reuven told him: "Sell that object to me for the 50 zuz that you owe me for the sale," and Shimon agreed.

Reuven acquires the movable property regardless of where it is located, even though he neither performed meshichah nor lifted the object up.”

Here you have one classic example in Jewish Law where the act of a person, after entanglement, is able to affect an object no matter where it is found, instantly, with a change and transfer in ownership, with all the legal and spiritual ramifications and ripple effects this brings about.

Here is one story of many, on this subject. A Chassidic Master, a Rebbe, is intrinsically and soulfully connected with his followers, IF they are connected with him. The pair communicate, both ways, instantly, and there is no limitation of local realism.  My Chassidic teacher Rabbi Mendel Futerfas was sent to the Siberian gulag for 15 years. On his birthday, he had a very strong intense yearning to receive a blessing from the Rebbe.

In the gulag he imagined himself entering the Private room of the Rebbe and approaching the Rebbe with a request for a blessing. His wife in Paris received a response and good wishes. It was only years later when he was finally liberated from that hell, and re-connected with his wife, when this matter came up for conversation they put two and two together.

There is a beautiful lullaby we sing to the children in Yiddish and it ends with, “Torah is the best merchandise – Torah IS the BEST merchandise.”  BTW - Beats singing a Brittany Spears or any other garbage song, into the pure innocent penetrable souls.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Zealousness. You receive what you put out.

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Knowledge is power -- G-dly knowledge is SUPER POWER.

“Not only the tribe of Levi, but any one of the inhabitants of the world whose spirit generously motivates him and he understands with his wisdom to set himself aside and stand before God to serve Him and minister to Him and to know God, proceeding justly as God made him, removing from his neck the yoke of the many reckonings which people seek, he is sanctified as holy of holies.

God will be His portion and heritage forever and will provide what is sufficient for him in this world like He provides for the priests and the Levites. And thus David declared [Psalms 16:5]: "God is the lot of my portion; You are my cup, You support my lot."

Maimonides Shemita chapt. 13 Hal. 13.

Maimonides is saying something here, which is truly incredible and remarkable. Many commentators remark and are amazed at this point. Someone, including Gentiles, who are not born to the tribe of Levi and is not part of that family, has the possibility to acquire the spiritual and actual characteristics and benefits of the Levites, as if they were one of them!!! How is it possible, “he is sanctified holy of holies.”

In an earlier time, the Bible tells us a story of Pinchas, the grandson of Aaron the high priest, who took matters in his own hands. He witnessed the public desecration of the law, when he saw the leader of the tribe of Shimon carry on in a romantic relationship with a Midianite princess, and killed both of them.

As a reward for taking this action, and stopping the plague that was going on, G-d rewarded Pinchas by making him and his progeny Priests, forever. In fact all the priests who served in the Temple in Jerusalem where his descendants!

The same question is asked here. It is only if ones father is a priest can a child be a Priest. If the priesthood is totally dependent on the father one has, and it is a matter of a natural reality, once Pinchas was not a priest, how was he able to become one?

The answer lies in the type of behavior Pinchas projected to earn this reward.

Most people who serve G-d with self –sacrifice do so as an anomaly. For the most part they will use their minds, things are measured, and it is only in the exceptional moment they will act beyond the call of duty and give it all they are, and all they have.

There are others, perhaps very few, who have no personal desires outside their life calling. Their lives, the essence of their being is entirely dedicated to G-d and every detail in their lives are directed in that path.

This was the life of Pinchas. He endangered his own life to do something he was not asked or expected to do. If he were to ask a Rabbi how he should act in this situation, he would not have been told to do what he did. The moment was calling “him” to act, to totally lunge himself entirely for the cause, for the great desecration of G-ds name at the time. He was zealous for the jealousy of G-d.

Since he acted in a way that was totally beyond his duty, and/or anything expected of him, he was treated by G-d in a way that is normally not the way of G-d and of the world. He received the reward of Priesthood for him and his children forever.

When any person so dedicates himself and his resources for a holy purpose, even to the point that it goes beyond logical rational thinking, it’s a calling to his essence and of his essence, G-d responds in kind with His essence, to whatever person it may be, and becomes this persons inheritance. G-d personally, provides for this individual.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Moses - Truth, Aaron - Kindness, come together.

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER

’’Kindness and truth have met; righteousness (Charity) and peace have kissed. Truth, will sprout from the earth, and righteousness will look down from heaven.” Psalms 85: 11 – 12

The commentators explain the verse in the following way. When people are truthful, they elicit Kindness from heaven, and the two meet. This combination of truthfulness and kindness, takes pure justice and turns it into peace, which draws even more righteousness (Tzedakah-Charity) from heaven.

The Midrash says, Aaron – Moses’ older brother, represents Kindness and “truth” is represented in Moses. Unfortunately, “Truth” as important as it is, is not very welcome in this world, which is a world of falsehood. For that reason “truth” recommended, that G-d, not create this world. On the other hand the measure of Kindness, recommended that G-d create the world, since “kindness” is also appropriate and relevant in a place filled with deceit and lies.

Moses, because of his special feature, that of truth in the purest sense, was aloof and at a distance from common people and from the world at large. Therefore, when he passed away at the age of 120, the community at large did not feel his loss. While when Aaron passed away at the age of 123, as the person characterized by kindness, and therefore connected even in places and with people of deceit, “the entire house of Israel” mourned him.

Moses, because of his characteristic of truth, was able to be the intermediary between the G-d of truth and this world. Only Moses was able to receive the instructions from G-d in order to transmit them to Aaron. Moses could never communicate with a person like King Pharaoh, the King of the most lewd and lascivious country of the time. Aaron and his virtue of kindness was able to reach so low a point as communicating and transmitting the message to King Pharaoh.

Aaron was the spokesperson of Moses and received all his knowledge and wisdom from the only one who was able to receive it himself from G-d, Moses. All the Israelites recognized this dynamic, that all the instructions originated from Moses. Yet, when Moses passed away, it did not make the impression on the Israelites, as did the passing of Aaron who was connected to everyone.

These two very special characteristics and virtues are not the domain of two separate people. Moses had kindness and Aaron had truth.

The reason why G-d chose Moses as the leader of His special chosen nation was because of his absolute commitment to truth, the hallmark of Moses and yet Moses as a shepherd demonstrated kindness and mercy even toward a weak goat, which so impressed G-d.

Aaron, although he was characterized by kindness and reaching out to make peace between husband and wife warring factions, he never compromised on the “truth” and was always clear on the parameters and limitations set by the rules of the Torah. When reaching out to the common people, one must BRING THEM CLOSER to the Torah of truth and not the other way.

Moses was more emphatic on truth and therefore he was the one able to connect with G-d to bring G-dliness down to the world.  Aaron because he was stronger on the kindness side he was able to better connect with ALL the people.

Everyone has their own G-d given strengths that serve their own very unique mission they, were sent down to this world. Trying to mimic someone else, confuses the plan, complicates the person’s life and most important misses the bull eye.

Discovering ones unique strengths and Divine purpose, and contributing it to make the world a better place is the lesson we learn from the same, yet different lives of Moses and Aaron.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Everyone – even the dead can bless.

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Knowledge is Power. G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER.

Our sages teach, “Tzadikim (righteous people) are greater when they are dead than when they are alive.” (Chulin 7; 2)

A Tzadik is someone who refined all areas of his life to such a point that there is no coarseness that would block the spiritual shine of G-dliness from his soul, to his consciousness and in his physical existence. When a Tzadik talks, you are receiving pure G-dliness.

The Talmud teaches, “Whoever has an ill person in his home he should go to a Torah scholar and request a blessing for mercy.” (BB 116)

Everyone, man or woman, has the power of blessing, because everyone has a spark of G-d within himself or herself. When someone blesses another, they are literally sending a positive energy of and from themselves, in the way of that blessing to the ones being blessed.

In addition, there is the time in which a blessing is said, i.e. on Shabbat and before Yom Kippur. There are days and moments that blessings have the assistance of reaching their mark more effectively because of the special qualities in that moment.

There is also, who might be responding Amen to the blessing which further strengthens and confirms the blessing and positive energy generated by the one making the blessing. There are times that a good Angel is listening and he might answer Amen (pretty powerful). That is why we are told, “Never take anyone’s blessings lightly”, because it is not just who is blessing but there is also the time, the place, and the other one answering Amen. They all play an important role in the success of the blessings outcome.

A person who studies G-ds wisdom, The Torah, and performs G-d commandments has absorbed much more of G-dly energy within themselves and has refined their body to a tremendous degree. Our sages teach us, “a Tzadik (righteous person) decrees, and G-d (is forced to) fulfill.”

The Tzadik is a miniature G-d in this World, the highest expression of spirituality in this world. The Zohar says, “Who is the face of the master (G-d) in this world, it is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.”

A true Tzadik is the embodiment in all ways, whether in character, mannerisms, behavior, and power, of G-d Himself. It’s no big deal when a Tzadik knows the future, or through his blessings a terminally ill person is miraculously cured. This is after all the power of G-d being channeled through this incredible elevated human being, and it knows no limits.

That is why traditionally and throughout history, people would go through much difficulty to receive the blessings of a Tzaddik.

Notwithstanding all that we just talked about, the Tzaddik is still finite, and limited by the constraints of his body and time. Once the Tzaddik however passes away and like everyone else, his soul ascends to the spiritual realms he is no more restricted by the confines of the worldly limitations, and still very much remains a Tzadik. He continues to look after his students and followers, and continues to bless them, but now, everything is on a much more expansive level and possibility.

“Even someone who did not know the Tzadik while he was alive in this world, but only studies, benefits and enjoys his teachings and is strengthened in his service to G-d, this too is called his student. Since he is influenced and impacted by the Tzadik and puts his faith in the Tzadik, this branch becomes connected and an extension of and from the root.” (Book of Hishtatchus)

After the Likutei Torah of Rabbi Shneur Zaman was printed, the Tzemach Tzedek said to one of the Chassidim, “ You have no idea whatsoever of the tremendous soul satisfaction you bring to the one being talked about and studied. The entire Palace and environment of the Tzadik in heaven shines and is illuminated in Joy and happiness. This act brings a (great) blessing to the one studying, for his children and grandchildren. “. (Letters of the Rebbe)

When a person very innocently and with a pure heart goes and visits the burial place of a Tzaddik he is able to connect on a very deep level with the Tzaddik. One very good moment, is every year, on the day the soul finished its journey on the face of this earth, and ascended to heaven. Every year on that date, the soul is strengthened to bless all those attached to him.

May we merit soon, “They will arise and sing, all those who lie in the earth’’.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

True meaning of Prayer. Prayer, is the vehicle to elevate all parts of our soul and being, to become attached with the groom.

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER

The Menorah that was lit in the Temple represented the light that shines from the center of the world i.e. the Temple, to and for the entire world. For this reason the Menorah also represents the Torah – “the Torah is light”.

Just as the actual Torah was brought down to this world by Moses who represents wisdom, so to it was Moses who was commanded to make the Menorah, since the menorah, light and wisdom was his thing.

Aaron (Moses’ older brother) as Priest, represented the other pathway to G-d, that of worship/service and prayer to G-d. Therefore, it was Aaron who was commanded to prepare the Menorah, and to light it.

The making of the menorah and “potential” for creating and holding light isn’t enough; it has to actually be lit, so the original intended purpose for making the Menorah is brought to fruition. If someone merely brought the ingredients to make light, oil and a wick, this isn’t yet a functional candle.

There is a saying “it isn’t enough to know Torah and wisdom. Torah and its wisdom has to influence the person and his life.”

The wisdom of Torah in itself isn’t the ultimate. It is only when the light is ignited and the wisdom actually sheds its brilliance and clarity on a person, in his life and his surroundings that the goal has been reached. This is accomplished by the spiritual service represented by Aaron, prayer.

The light, is the result of the oil and the wick being consumed. The more A) oil and wick B) being consumed, the greater is the fire. The first step in creating light is to stack up on the ingredients for light A) – the knowledge, wisdom and Torah.

Maimonides writes, “ It is a well-known and clear matter that the love of God will not become attached within a person's heart until he becomes obsessed with it at all times as is fitting, leaving all things in the world except for this. This was implied by the command [Deuteronomy 6:5: "Love God, your Lord,] with all your heart and all your soul.

One can only love God [as an outgrowth] of the knowledge with which he knows Him. The nature of one's love depends on the nature of one's knowledge! A small [amount of knowledge arouses] a lesser love. A greater amount of knowledge arouses a greater love…..

When a person is praying, B) meditating deeply and intensely concentrating on the words prepared according to the structure designed by our great sages, specifically the Men of the Great Assembly, this will bring them to a state of B) self-abnegation. A state where they will deeply cherish the G-dly and the spiritual and will yearn for more. More of the awareness that all that is physical is merely small and insignificant, and many times counterproductive expression to the experience of G-dliness. They will therefore care for less of the physical and more of what has, and is, of eternal value.

The more a person has studied the Torah – “Torah is light” and the knowledge of G-d, and realizes the infinite greatness of G-d he/she will be filled with an immense joy and happiness (through prayer & its meditations) that he/she is able to approach G-d in any way whatsoever, only by observing His commandments.

In our “prayers” we ask G-d to, “open our heart in your Torah” and wisdom. We are not asking for more brain clarity, but for more sensitivity, breadth and depth of the "heart". That is because in prayer, the person realizes that unless his wisdom of the Torah is able to affect his soul and his personal life nothing important was accomplished. At this point the person desires that his emotions be fired up with enthusiasm that will move him/her, and shed the light in his life on, and for, the things that matter.

That is why in mysticism the “best man” of the congregation of Israel is, Aaron. Prayer, is the vehicle to elevate all parts of our soul and being, to become attached with the groom, Almighty G-d,the source of all that is blessed and good.