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A KOSHER Mezuzah scroll is unbelievable protection. Invest in some for your own protection TODAY.

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER

“And you shall write them on the doorposts of your home and gateways; so that your days are lengthened.” The Tur (Rabbi Jacob ben Asher, Cologne, 1270 – Toledo, Spain c. 1340), writes clearly, “Mezuzot (the Kosher scroll inside the cover, written by hand on parchment) bring protection to one’s home”, and the Bach (Rabbi Joel ben Samuel Sirkis, 1561 to 1640), writes “The mezuzah - brings a benefit and delight from the mitzvah itself, in addition to the reward (from G-d for observing one of his commandments) etc.”

In all mitzvois (commandments of the Torah) if a person does it strictly for the reward he is not doing it for the right reason. In the case of Mezuzah, the protection isn’t the reward, it is what comes along automatically, with the doing of this mitzvah. G-d commanded us to place Mezuzot, specifically for the sake of its protection…

That is why even when a mezuzah is not up on a doorpost in the place that would fulfill the necessary requirements to fulfill the Mitzvah, the scroll of the mezuzah in itself, brings protection.

Rabbi YY Schneerson always had a Mezuzah on his desk. Rabbi MM Schneerson - the Lubavitcher Rebbe recommended many times for people to do the same, and to place one in an appropriate covering next to a bed where people where having bad dreams.

Maimonides writes: “Those who write names of Angels etc. inside a Mezuzah are included in those who have no share in the world to come, because, they have taken a great Mitzvah and turned it into an amulet and charm for their own personal purposes.”

The foolishness of these people by adding inside the Mezuzah additional names of Angels is that it would appear from their actions the scroll isn’t enough or complete and is being manipulated from being a commandment to serve G-d and with the help of G-d, to the input of their own vanities, solely to serve their own purposes.

The Tosfos Yom Tov (Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller, 1578–1654) notes on the laws in the Mishna regarding impurity, “a stick that had a carving (receptacle) to receive a mezuzah inside of it”, and he says, “in the times of the Mishna people would carry Mezuzot with them (in their walking sticks) and they considered it a G-dly Holy act and a protection for themselves.”

This understanding, that the scroll and energy of the (mitzvah of) Mezuzah itself brings protection with it, sheds light on a story that took place with Rabbi YY Schneerson 1927, when he was brutalized and imprisoned in communist Russia for teaching Judaism. During the interrogation he was asked, if he realized where he was? Rabbi YY Schneerson answered. “Certainly. I am in place that is exempt from having a Mezuzah”. By mentioning and attaching the Mezuzah to those quarters albeit in a negative form, that alone, brought the protection of the Mezuzah for himself where he needed it badly.

Maimonides writes: “A person must show great care in [the observance of the mitzvah of] mezuzah, because it is an obligation which is constantly incumbent upon everyone.

[Through its observance,] whenever a person enters or leaves [the house], he will encounter the unity of the name of the Holy One, blessed be He, and remember his love for Him. Thus, he will awake from his sleep and his obsession with the vanities of time, and recognize that there is nothing which lasts for eternity except the knowledge of the Creator of the world. This will motivate him to regain full awareness and follow the paths of the upright.

Whoever wears tefillin on his head and arm, wears tzitzit on his garment, and has a mezuzah on his entrance, can be assured that he will not sin, because he has many who will remind him. These are the angels, who will prevent him from sinning, as [Psalms 34:8] states: "The angel of God camps around those who fear Him and protects them.

Blessed be G-d who offers assistance.”

In these Hebrew words, Maimonides is emphasizing the uniqueness and exclusivity of the Mezuzah that unlike even Tefillin and Tzitzit, the actual scroll itself is a collaborator and assists in accomplishing the necessary results that this Mitzvah brings to the person who observes it.

I have personally many many stories from Rabbi MM Schneerson how Mezuzot saved people from car accidents, death, being able to have children etc. A KOSHER mezuzah scroll is unbelievable protection. Invest in some for your own protection TODAY.

“G-d will guard you going out and coming in from now and until forever.”

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