Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rosh Hashanah - what does it mean??

While all Jewish Holidays commemorate something specific to the Jewish people i.e., Passover - the exodus for Egypt, Shavuot, the giving of the Ten Commandments etc. the High Holiday of Rosh Hashanah is commemorating the creation of man. This is not something specific to the Jewish people but for all of humanity.

On the sixth day of creation 5772 years ago, when G-d made man – and incidentally according to the Bible, this human being was a man and woman creation joined at the hips, the Bible describes this day as the beginning of G-ds accomplishments in the world. Six days already went by, the heavens, planets, animals, trees etc where created, and yet, only when the human being was made, did G-d consider, finally things are starting to happen.

The purpose of creation, and the reason for everything else, was only a prelude to the creation of the human race as the Bible says, when Adam proclaimed on that first Friday, “let us all bow and prostrate before G-d who made us” that is when “the Lord was king, he garbed himself in grandeur…… he (finally) established the world firmly”. The universe was complete, and the Sabbath was ushered in.

This is the central theme of Rosh Hashanah, coronating G-d as our King and we as His subjects.

The great mystics tell us that once a day is imbued with certain energies, this occurrence repeats itself and renews itself every year that this day is relived all over again.

On Rosh Hashanah we are contemplating on the very special role we human beings have in the scheme of what takes place in the Universe. Everything in our world was made to serve us human beings and depends on us. G-d waits for us to recognize his sovereignty, and with that permission, He works with us at our side, “G-d is your shadow.” This is our very special power and responsibility as the principle reason for creation.

When G-d made the world, He made all the planets in one command. All the animals in one gesture, all the vegetation at one time. When it came to making the human race, G-d made one person. The whole world, including G-d, is looking to each individual person as if there was no one else, to make that difference.

The only creatures endowed with a mind to think of themselves and of their lives in third person, something that a stone or a tree or an animal is not able to do, is the human being.

Rosh Hashanah is the time to consider, that we as human beings certainly did not make ourselves. The universe surely did not make itself. This is the time to think of our connection with the true source of all and re-establish our bonds with G-d. Have we done things to block and sever our ties, are there areas that can use improvement to strengthen our attachment with G-d? Have we invited the supreme sovereign of the Universe who certainly has all the powers to do as he pleases, into our lives? On a daily basis?? Not a second can go by, when we don’t need G-ds ever watchful eye over us.

“As we begin the year, so it goes.” May we all merit the awareness of G-d upon us all the time. That will be our blessing for a most elevated and blessed sweet New Year.