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*** 22-23 chromosomes, DNA 4 base pairs, FLUKE or INTENTIONAL DESIGN? **** *** Where is G-d in all this?

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Knowedge is POWER -- G-dly knowledge is SUPER POWER

There are 22 identical chromosome pairs in every cell of our body, and one more, the sex chromosome. We inherit from each of our parents 22 chromosomes and, the one that makes us male or female the X or the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome that makes one a male is only inherited from the father.

Each chromosome is made of protein, and DNA made of 4 step bases, in the shape of a twisted ladder. The order of the bases in the DNA, along with the length and sequence, form your genes and who you become.

The restricted shape of the chromosomes, ensure the DNA is accurately copied and distributed for both the Meiosis and Mitosis processes. (PONDER THIS too - in the Meiosis process each cell is divided into FOUR different non-identical cells) Every cell has an outer membrane that forms its boundary and at the center of every cell is the nucleus with its own membrane and boundary in which the chromosomes are found and operate.

I will stop with these interesting facts, and (due to a lack of space) point out SOME of the incredible clear thumbprints of G-d in all His creation. “The heavens recount the glory of G-d, and the work of HIS hands, are reported by the firmaments.”

G-d created the world with letters. “With ten statements G-d created the entire Universe”. In Hebrew the word for letters (Otiyot) comes from the root, and “morning has arrived” (ata Boiker), i.e. the light is shining.

Letters, are vehicles and tools for revealing what is otherwise hidden in one’s mind and heart. Letters are flashlights of the mind and heart. These letters have the ability in them to build or destroy worlds, just like in the case of people, nice words build people, and negative words destroy them.

How many letters are there in G-d essential name?? Four.

At the BASIS and root of all, how many elements are there to manifest the source? 4 - FOUR. 4 bases, FOUR cells.

When Jacob dreamt of the entire future of G-ds people in this world until Moshiach comes, it was in the form of a ladder with…… 4 steps to it. There are four expressions in the Torah that lead to liberation.....

In G-ds Temple in Jerusalem from which the light spread out to the entire world, the stairs were designed as a spiral staircase (double helix).

How many letters in total are there in the Hebrew Language, the language of G-d with which to create the universe? 22 – TWENTY TWO.

In mysticism, everything is characterized by outer and inner, conscious and subconscious, male & female, or DOUBLES. The 22 forms of revelation (letters) on a very practical level are defined by the boundaries that make each letter and the space that forms its outer and inner regions.

The Great Mystic Rabbi Yitzchok Luria 1534-1572 teaches, the actual life force of all living beings are defined by the letters used to describe them. In the letters themselves, the specific arrangement of the letters for every object, is the blueprint that maps out the entire genetic string which determines its characteristics.

Down at the essence of all cells, which is mostly expressed and noticed at the outer appearance (the male female gender); where it all begins and what it ends up being, where the possibility for anything and everything takes place, on an entirely different energy level, is the power of ONE, the XY cell which stands as a unique, all by itself entity.

Chassidus and Mysticism explains although there are 22 different letters, every letter begins with a letter YUD (The first letter in G-ds name), and this is the power to be what it becomes. This is the essential power of G-d. Every letter starts with a YUD.

In the same way that a boy has an element in him which is distinctly inherited from his father and elements that are distinctly inherited from his mother, Judaism recognizes and tells us of that clear distinction when it comes to calling a boy up to the Torah by his father’s name (his tribal affiliation), or his essential identity, according to his mother.

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Judaism on being DRUNK & Drinking.

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Living right with the Rambam.

Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER

The following are the actual words of the great physician, philosopher, and codifier of Jewish Law, Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon – HaRambam 1138-1204, from his magnum opus Yad Hachazakah – the strong hand, on the topic of becoming a DRUNK. 

A human being is ALWAYS held responsible for his/her deeds.

A Human being is considered mu'ad (forewarned) at all times - whether acting intentionally or unintentionally, whether asleep or awake or intoxicated. If he injures a colleague or damages a colleague's property, he must always reimburse him from his choicest property.

When is a person who causes damage while asleep required to make restitution? When they both went to sleep at the same time, and one turned over and injured his colleague or tore his garment. If, however, a person was sleeping and a colleague came and lay down next to him, only the one who lay down afterwards is considered mu'ad. If the person sleeping injures the one who came afterwards, he is not liable.

Similarly, if a person places a utensil next to a person who is sleeping, and the one who is sleeping breaks it, he is not liable. For the one who placed the article down was the one who was mu'ad and who acted with negligence.

Chovel uMazzik - Chapter One - Halacha 11 


A drunk is a sinner and shameful.

When a wise man drinks wine, he drinks only enough to soften the food in his stomach.

Whoever becomes drunk is a sinner, is shameful, and will lose his wisdom. If he becomes drunk before the common people, he desecrates G-d's Name.

It is forbidden to drink even a small quantity of wine in the afternoon hours, unless it is taken together with food. Drink that is taken together with food is not intoxicating. Only wine taken after the meal is to be avoided.

De'ot - Chapter Five  - Halacha 3


*****Impossible to serve G-d while in the midst of levity, frivolity, or drunkenness.*****

When a person eats, drinks, and celebrates on a festival, he should not let himself become overly drawn to drinking wine, mirth, and levity, saying, "whoever indulges in these activities more is increasing [his observance of] the mitzvah of rejoicing." For drunkenness, profuse mirth, and levity are not rejoicing; they are frivolity and foolishness.

And we were not commanded to indulge in frivolity or foolishness, but rather in rejoicing that involves the service of the Creator of all existence. Thus, [Deuteronomy 28:47] states, "Because you did not serve G-d, Your Lord, with happiness and a glad heart with an abundance of prosperity." This teaches us that service [of G-d] involves joy. And it is impossible to serve G-d while in the midst of levity, frivolity, or drunkenness.

Shevitat Yom Tov - Chapter Six – Halacha 20


A person drunk like Lot, has made himself mentally incompetent.

A drunken man is considered to be responsible for his actions. A sale, a purchase or a present involving him is binding. If, however, his drunken state approaches that of Lot- i.e., he is so drunk that he does not realize what he is doing - his deeds are of no consequence. It is as if he were a mentally incompetent person or a child below the age of six.

Mechirah - Chapter Twenty Nine – Halacha 18


Keep away from drunkenness and gluttony.

For a person who is intoxicated not to enter the Temple nor to render a halachic decision, as [Leviticus 10:9] states: "Do not drink wine or strong drink when you enter the Tent of Testimony," and [ibid., 10:11] states: "or when you render a decision for the children of Israel”

Negative commandments 73


**** The punishment in stages for evil speech.  The speech of proper Jewish people, only concerns words of Torah and wisdom.*****

Tzara'at is a collective term including many afflictions that do not resemble each other. For the whitening of a person's skin is called tzara'at, as is the falling out of some of the hair of his head or beard, and the change of the color of clothes or houses.

……... Instead it is a sign and a wonder prevalent among the Jewish people to warn them against lashon hora, "undesirable speech."

…………………………..In this vein, Psalms 73:9 states: "They set their mouths against Heaven and their tongues strut on earth." What caused them to "set their mouths against Heaven"? Their tongues which previously were given free reign on earth. This is the speech of the wicked that is caused by loitering on the street corners, frequenting the assemblies of commoners, and spending time at the parties of drunkards.

In contrast, the speech of proper Jewish people only concerns words of Torah and wisdom. Therefore, the Holy One, blessed be He, assists them and grants them merit because of it, as Malachi 3:16 states: "Then those who fear God conversed, each person with his fellow and God listened and paid heed. And a book of remembrance was composed before Him for those who fear God and contemplate His name."

Tum'at Tsara`at - Chapter 16 Halacha 10

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"it should be according to ..your wife (.. self-understood must be in JOY)"​

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Knowledge is Power -- G-dly Knowledge is SUPER POWER.

Many people have a very serious inaccurate idea of how the Bible and Jewish law regard the place of a woman in the theater of a Jewish home.
This past week, I had a conversation with a hi-powered attorney regarding the roles of a man and woman and whether they should strive to be like each other to attain equality. I told him, when men will give birth to children, and women will have the kind of body men have, perhaps then, we can talk equality.
Our sages say, the reason why women merited begetting children, is because only they have that mental, emotional and physiological strength to keep on having children. Had it been left up to men, the world would have cease existing a long time ago.
In our classic sources, men are compared more to the organ of the brain and women more to the organ of the heart. The brain is more consistent and rational, the heart fluctuates constantly and is the seat of the emotions. 
No one rational would ever suggest we place the heart in the place of the brain and the brain in the place of the heart. This would compromise both the role and function both these vital organs serve for the wellbeing of the body.
The same is regarding men and women. “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. Well maybe not that far from each other, but you get the drift. Only by accepting and respecting, the unique characteristics of each gender can a household, and the world at large, produce happy and healthy results.
The following are two quotes from our classic texts that will help you appreciate the place of a Jewish man and woman in the context of their home.
The first is from Maimonides, Ishut - Chapter Fifteen Law 19.
“…. our Sages commanded, that a man honor his wife more than his own person, and love her as he loves his own person. If he has financial resources, he should offer her benefits in accordance with his resources. He should not cast a superfluous measure of fear over her. He should talk with her gently, being neither sad nor angry.”
This next piece of advice is from a communication sent by, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.
“In continuation to what we discussed together, while you were in my study, it is certain that your conduct must be according to the teachings of our sages, and this is not only for your spiritual wellbeing, but as well for the corporeal down to earth benefit of the one following these instructions.
Our sages have instructed us, that when it comes to worldly matters, strong consideration must be given to the wife’s thoughts. Therefore, as far as the conduct and improvement of the home, it should be according to the opinion of your wife (and it is self-understood this must be done in JOY)
It is obvious, it would be wrong to place pressure on her, against her will, she should acquiesce to you.
It is also pretty obvious and simple that the greatness of a true (mature) human being is, fulfilling his responsibilities and duties, which bring happiness and satisfaction to the people in his family and those around him. (And not going over their heads, regarding the “inconsequential”, appearance and improvements of the home etc.)
Therefore, when your wife returns, tell her you will do all the above in happiness and with a content heart. In your spare time you will make an effort to help her with house chores, and also you will make an effort to discuss with the children the material they studied in school.”
We are living in times when there is a tremendous amount of information and confusion as a result of the open information highway. Our time honored, and time proven advice is still the best, that works.